Argyle Technology Group is made up of industry veterans with years of experience working with start-ups and small to mid sized businesses. We know how hard it is to get enough talented, experienced people for your projects and then how hard it is to retain them. Even if you can attract excellent talented people, it's difficult for small teams to be conversant in areas as diverse as software design, mobile software design, systems architecture, development process engineering, and effective use of scalable cloud services.





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  • Mobile
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  • Project Remediation
  • Supplemental Staffing
  • Start-Up Acceleration


Mobile is a broad term encompassing a wide range of technology and languages used to display content on hand-held and tablet devices. Mobile development is still in its infancy and businesses seeking to move into the mobile space face a perplexing array of options and trade-offs.

Argyle helps you select a durable mobile strategy and feature set to provide to partners and customers. Once the hard work of definition is complete, then we can help you to choose the correct tooling, architecture and languages to support your needs. This "features first" approach ensures that you are not throwing time and resources away on "mobile for mobile's sake" and that the applications and systems developed can be supported like all the rest of your mission critical applications.

While anyone can run through tutorials, few groups know whether you should start with an abstraction like Titanium, an alternative like HTML5, or go native for a subset of devices like Java for Android. We can help you pick and then get you to the right starting point so your application's "Hello World" is greeting the right people on the right technology for you and your business.


Perl is the glue that holds the internet together. It's a venerable language with extensive support and mature well developed libraries to handle a variety of feature requirements.

Argyle uses perl most commonly as the bridging code between horizontally aligned systems systems such as vendors, apis, and data sources. It also is our choice for vertical integration with development, release, quality, and deployment tools.

If perl is the mortar that holds the internet together, PHP is the bricks. Though much maligned in technical circles, PHP is the fastest and most widely adopted language for internet client-server and cloud applications.

Argyle has used PHP since it's creation in the 90's in startups and in a variety of applications and environments. We've taken the little language into carrier class, high performance environments and made it work. Additionally, PHP is one of the most widely known languages, so when you're hiring you can be sure of finding people we can hand your application back to.


DevOps, short for Development Operations, is the modern software practice of fostering collaboration between developers and operations personnel. Early in the maturation of software development practices, attempts were made to treat software engineering like construction trade skills. Waterfall project management methods and carefully silo'ed responsibilities turned out to be a source of software defects and cost overruns. In the pressure cooker environments of the start up scene people started looking for alternatives to big process.

Practically speaking DevOps has become a rallying cry for several interrelated movements. Paired with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment philosophies communication, small cross functional teams can be given the tools and authority to make excellent software and reduce defects. In practice this means that software engineers participate in project management and system administration. Software engineers are aided by experts in other fields to make good business decisions and to communicate progress and challenges effectively.

Atlassian Tools

These days more and more companies find themselves using various applications from Atlassian's suite of software development and communication tools. The Argyle Technology Group has a wealth of experience assisting development teams as they establish or transition to the various Atlassian tools. Whether the applications live on site or in the cloud we taken organizations from build out, installation, and configuration to guidance on process and plugins.

Beyond the applications themselves we know that there is a social aspect to rolling out new tools that everyone needs to use everyday. We've become very aware of the various complications and questions that developers, team leads, and project managers run into while they grow their skills and adjust processes to become more reliable and predictable. If this sounds like something you'll need to handle in your organization then we're here to help.

Project Remediation

In every organization sometimes projects just go sour. The reasons are varied and the effects can be costly and distracting for businesses. When the project failures become a pattern and you just can't figure out what's wrong it's time to call the experts.

Software development is hard. Not only are you taking on the problems of your customers, but you're also trying to create and maintain capital improvements in software. If you were running a factory floor or a retail outlet the problems would be physical and visible. But when it comes to software projects the problems are invisible, relational, and difficult to diagnose. If you combine that with the fact that technical personnel often require much different management expertise than other professionals things it's easy to see how things can go bad and go bad fast.

Argyle has built a team of experts. We're not just expert software developers, but we're a seasoned team that has worked together for thousands of hours. We've been through the ups and downs of projects and we know how to take care of each other. One of the most valuable services we provide is getting to the bottom of project problems and mentoring your in-house team to solve the problems sustainably, maturely, and effectively.

Supplemental Staffing

Staffing is the single most important thing you do for your company. Don't compromise.

When you're a small company that's growing, or a large company that's tackling new problems it can be hard to keep people around who are expert in all the systems and all the technologies you will need to grow and thrive. Adding to the problem is that many areas of expertise like database administration, release tool creation, or vendor tools integrations will only be required by your team for a limited duration. It makes very little sense to try to staff for peak need in every possible technical discipline.

Argyle can help. We have a team of seasoned experts with years of experience in a variety of specialties. If you only need a few hours a month of a DBA or occasional support integrating and updating key systems then let us take that off your team's plate so you and your employees can focus on the core business problems.

The unnamed mosaic by an anonymous Byzantine mosaicist is an excellent example of how small, individually insignificant parts can work together to create a masterpiece that survives the ages. Each piece was carefully placed and no individual one makes or breaks the picture, but together they create durable and beautiful art. Likewise we can participate in your software development in small, seemingly trivial ways that aggregate with your team to make something that will last.

Start-Up Acceleration

As we've said before, staffing is the single most important thing you do for your company. Don't compromise.

When you're a starting company that is just getting your first technical hires figured out, don't rush in a panic hire people who are not right for your company, culture, and needs. All too often when funding hits a mad rush of hiring leads to under-performing hires that cost too much and cause slowdowns and damage to your budding business.

Argyle can help get your initial versions launched by providing a drop-in team of experts to develop the initial phases of a minimum viable product. Meanwhile you can take the time you need to hire people who fit perfectly with your business vision at the price you can afford. Since you're hiring at the same time you are creating the product we can help you start getting income which translates directly to more runway for your startup and access to better talent for your team. Don't rush it and let us help you make your first versions so you can leapfrog the competition.