Argyle Technology

About Us

Argyle Technology is made up of industry veterans with years of experience working with start-ups and small to mid sized businesses. We know how hard it is to get enough talented, experienced people for your projects and then how hard it is to retain them. Even if you can attract excellent talented people, it’s difficult for small teams to be conversant in areas as diverse as software design, mobile software design, systems architecture, development process engineering, and effective use of scalable cloud services.

Supplemental Staffing

We have a team of seasoned experts with years of experience that can take things off your team’s plate so you and your employees can focus on your business.


We take pride in the modern software practice of fostering collaboration between developers and operations personnel.

Project Remediation

We get to the bottom of project problems and mentor your in-house team to solve problems sustainably, maturely, and effectively.


We use perl as the bridging code between horizontally aligned systems such as vendors, APIs, and data sources. It’s our choice for vertical integration with a variety of tools.

Startup Acceleration

Argyle can help get your initial versions launched by providing a drop-in team of experts to develop the initial phases of a minimum viable product.


We have a wealth of experience assisting development teams as they establish or transition to Atlassian from the build out, installation, and configuration.

Our Clients are Diverse

ACV Auctions
Hunt Real Estate
Delaware North